Don’t struggle with tax returns if you work for yourself - use GoSimpleTax.

GoSimpleTax is an ideal tool for people who work for themselves, or are responsible for their own tax in any way – so it’s only natural that many GoSimpleTax users are Self Employed Individuals, Sole Traders and Freelancers.

Managing premises and properties can make tax returns complex. GoSimpleTax can help.

It doesn’t stop there, however. Any individual who needs to pay tax on properties they manage or rent out can also benefit from downloading the software. Tax responsibilities are liable to become more and more complex depending on the size and diversity of a portfolio and for this reason, Landlords and Property Managers should also consider taking advantage of GoSimpleTax.

Your tax shouldn’t make you lose sight of what matters. Let GoSimpleTax deal with it.

It’s a little known fact that Ministers of Religion must also manage their own self assessment and tax returns – and their work is commonly extremely varied, so calculating their owings come the end of the financial year can be complicated. Just another reason to turn to GoSimpleTax.

Manage tax on savings and investments easily with GoSimpleTax.

Even if you do not require the help of GoSimpleTax for your employment-based taxation, it is definitely worth exploring the option if you are an Investor of any kind. You are liable to pay tax on any returns on your investments, and the amounts can be difficult to calculate. Our software allows you to update information in real time to make this a great deal easier.

Coming soon: GoSimpleTax for Uber Drivers!

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