Selling a few items can transform into something much more, and if your income is above the trading allowance, tax will be due. Many aren’t aware they would owe this, or how to go about paying it. Solving the puzzle of the Self Assessment without any prior knowledge or experience isn’t straightforward.

GoSimpleTax takes the entire process off your hands. It can be used to:

  •     Prompt you on deadlines
  •     Offer tax-saving suggestions
  •     Quickly log expenses
  •     Track your earnings
  •     Flag mistakes before you incur a fine
  •     Provide one sole view of your information

Our software ensures that you’re not left in the lurch. We’ll do the sums so that filing the Self Assessment is as easy as can be.

With GoSimpleTax by your side, you can reap the rewards of selling online.

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Why GoSimpleTax?

Complete your Self Assessment tax return from wherever you are. Our paperless software means you can sort out your taxes on the go – even from a smartphone. Making Tax Digital is no trouble if you’re using GoSimpleTax.

You can make the most of claiming expenses, too, as our software makes the process easy. Simply take photographs of any receipts, invoices or contracts and have them uploaded in seconds. These can also be categorised to give you an even clearer view of your entitlements.

Our software works in real time, so your tax affairs will always be up to date. You’ll instantly know if there are ways to reduce your liability, and we’ll help you to avoid penalties with timely prompts too.

Sample the benefits for yourself –  You can test out our different price plans, and discover the one that most suits your requirements.

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