Submit Your Online Tax Return With GoSimpleTax

File your tax return online with GoSimpleTax. Our Self Assessment software enables you to input your income and expenses in real-time – and it won’t cost you a penny until you want to submit. We also help you to:

  • Claim allowable expenses
  • Fill in the relevant tax forms
  • Never miss a deadline
  • File your tax return direct to HMRC


Save time, stress and money with our Self Assessment software

Filing a tax return online takes time. Mistakes get made, deadlines are missed, and tax savings go unclaimed. Not with GoSimpleTax. Our software makes completing a Self Assessment tax return hassle-free.

We streamline the process with one-click shortcuts, automation and categorisation, before forecasting the amount of tax you’ll owe. We also alert you when we think you could potentially lower your tax bill. What’s more, as we’re HMRC-recognised, you can avoid their portal and submit straight from our software.


Self Assessment software features

Calculate tax owed in real time

Our platform enables you to log your income and expenditure as you go. The result? You know exactly how much tax you’ll owe all year round.

Submit online tax returns direct to HMRC

No more navigating HMRC’s portal. Input all the relevant information into our platform and ensure your Self Assessment tax return arrives on time.

Reduce your tax bill

We highlight any allowable expenses you may qualify for. And, by keeping you organised, you’ll have more time to assess your expenditure.

Upload receipts instantly

Forget holding on to scraps of paper. With a full GoSimpleTax account, you can take photos of receipts, and add them to your records.


Why choose GoSimpleTax?

Quick and efficient

Get to grips with your tax return responsibilities immediately. Our platform allows you to start entering income and expenditure as soon as you open an account.

Ongoing support

Our support centre is rich with resources – from getting started to filling in tax forms. You can also use our tax return checking service for total peace of mind.

Safe and secure

Being HMRC-recognised, you can trust us to safely store, handle and submit your financial information directly to them.


With our software, anyone from sole traders to landlords and e-sellers can submit their own tax return without the need for an accountant.

Integrated systems

Sync up your GoSimpleTax account with a range of other apps and services such as FreshBooks and SumUp, as well as our own invoicing tool.

Nothing to install

Instead of being restricted to a single device, you can access GoSimpleTax on your phone, tablet or computer – anytime, anywhere.

Who uses GoSimpleTax?

Anybody who manages their own tax affairs. From taxi drivers to graphic designers, our platform helps individuals stay compliant and protect their take-home pay by submitting income and expenditure information to HMRC. Our software makes this quick, simple and stress-free by walking you through the process step by step and doing all the calculations for you.


GoSimpleTax freemium is completely free to use, and allows you to start building a clearer picture of your tax position with a limited number of monthly income and expense entries. When you’re ready to add more entries, view your full tax calculation or file your tax return, simply upgrade to a full account.

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File your tax return online with GoSimpleTax

Start simplifying the Self Assessment tax return. Log your income in real time, forecast how much tax you owe, and submit directly to HMRC. It’s as easy as that.

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