Are You Self Employed? Make Self-Assessment Easy with GoSimpleTax Accounting Software

Working for yourself is liberating, but can sometimes prove stressful – particularly when the time for self-assessment comes around. By using our online accounting software, self-employed workers can spend more time generating income and less worrying about their tax return.

From invoicing to calculating income and expenses, freelancing comes with its own fair share of legwork without having to complete lengthy forms each year. Filing tax returns online is difficult, so that’s why we’ve developed GoSimpleTax Record income and expenses effortlessly and in real-time and your self-assessment will be a breeze.

If you travel as part of your work, the self-assessment mobile app is a life-saver. Paper receipts are easy to photograph and upload onto the platform – making it a much simpler step to go digital and paperless.

Not to mention, GoSimpleTax makes you aware of any tax reliefs and deductions that you may be entitled to as a freelancer or sole proprietor of a business so that you can save money.

Join over 33,000 users who use GoSimpleTax to submit their tax returns effortlessly each year.

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Take the stress out of doing your tax return

Simple but powerful

Automation and one-click shortcut integrations mean completing a self assessment with our software is a simple, quick and stress-free process.

Step-by-step instructions

GoSimpleTax provides you with a clear step-by-step process which means your tax return will be submitted faultlessly and painlessly.

Save money. Make money

Our analysis tools proactively gives prompts for claimable expenses that you may not have been aware of so you save money.

No more mistakes

Automatic calculations ensure your tax return is submitted accurately so you don’t have to worry about making mistakes.

GoSimpleTax makes filing self assessment easy and painless

GoSimpleTax software saves you time by keeping your previous year’s submissions. So once your preferences are set up, submitting a tax return for the second time is effortless.

Our self-employed accounting software provides streamlined step-by-step HMRC self-assessment help and continuous support for sole traders.

Not to mention, our software prompts for claimable expenses you may have overlooked. This feature alone pays for the subscription for most users.

We have four cost-effective accounting plans available, each varying in benefits and features.

If you need help working out your self employed tax, browse our software plans and take the stress out of submitting your tax return today.

Do I need to submit a tax return?

You need to complete a tax return if in the last tax year you were:

GoSimpleTax is the easiest way for self-employed workers and sole traders to file their self-assessment. Our self-employed accounting software enables you to calculate their tax return with ease.

Our simple but powerful software works for everyone, even those with complicated tax affairs. So gain peace of mind by investing in a software that’s accurate and effortless.

Click here to find out how to complete the SA103 form to help you file your self-assessment tax return on time.

Why GoSimpleTax?

GoSimpleTax is the quick and easy software solution to managing all of your Self-Assessment and accounting information.

But how much is GoSimpleTax?

From just £30 per year, you can save £££’s. We offer a no-obligation free trial which means you can get started free of charge today.

So cut the stress out of submitting your self-assessment and consider accounting software for a quick, accurate and effortless process.

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