A Simple Solution To Income Tax For Tradesmen

As a self-employed tradesman, keeping your tax affairs in order can come at a great cost. The time it takes to file everything correctly is time away from working or winning new business. It’s up to you as a sole trader to drum up opportunities. But if you’re too tied up with your bank statements, it’s near impossible. GoSimpleTax changes this by helping you:

  • Correctly claim tax relief
  • Become deadline-savvy
  • Keep track of your tax bill
  • File your Self Assessment tax return early
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Submitting Your Self Assessment Tax Return Has Never Been So Simple

For tradespeople, there’s hardly time to file your tax return let alone keep on top of your accounts. As such, it’s not uncommon for sole traders to miss the 31st January deadline or fall foul of HMRC due to errors in their tax return submission. GoSimpleTax helps prevent that by enabling you to input your income and expenditure in real time, and therefore proactively update your tax return .

Our software walks you through the tax year, highlighting your responsibilities as you go.

To ease the burden of compliance, however, we go a step further. Our software automatically totals your tax bill, keeping you in the loop as to what you owe. You can even upload your receipts as pictures so that your expenditure can be factored in, and the relevant tax relief claimed for.

Once you’ve filed, you may immediately notice a difference in your take-home pay. And you’ll have a much firmer understanding of other claims you can make, potentially lowering your tax liability even further in the years to come.

Key Features

Have the Freedom to File Early

Our software stores your financial information and any receipts you may have uploaded, allowing for easy submissions months before your tax is due.

Reveal Tax Tips

Our library of tips and tricks gives you total autonomy so you never need to rely on an accountant again.

Find Tax-saving Suggestions

GoSimpleTax points out areas where you may be able to claim relief and potentially reduce your tax liability.

Access to Relevant Forms

Unsure what forms are relevant to you? We help you uncover the tax forms or supplementary pages that you need to file.

Why Should Tradesmen Use GoSimpleTax?

To experience stress-free accounting

We make certain you never need to use an accountant for your Self Assessment tax return again. By allowing you to calculate your total tax bill in real time, you can regularly check in with your finances and inform your budget for the next tax year.

To increase take-home pay

GoSimpleTax highlights any relevant ways to reduce your tax liability. Whether that’s through expenses or deductions, we ensure you recognise every opportunity to maximise your take-home pay.

To focus on your venture

Our software automates a large amount of the manual data entry that plagues sole traders. As a result, we leave you with more time to devote to enhancing your services and generating new business.

Calculate Your Tax Bill For Free – Only Pay To File

Our free trial makes getting to grips with self-employment tax simple. You can start inputting your income and expenditure today to automatically work out how much Income Tax you’ll owe. You can add 5 income items and 5 expenses items per month, If you want to add more entries or when you’re ready to submit your completed Self Assessment tax return, simply upgrade to a full account.

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All plans are free to use and allow you to calculate your Self Assessment tax return, you only pay at the point you want to submit to HMRC, or unlock the many tax saving suggestions.

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