Why GoSimpleTax when reporting overseas income and gains?

Each year, many thousands of who live in the UK need to complete and file a Self Assessment tax return SA100 and SA106 supplementary page to report their taxable UK overseas income and/or gains. It’s a faff that many could do without.

It’s a boring task and if you lack knowledge and experience, not only can it take a long time, but you can also make mistakes that can later prove costly. There’s also a big risk that you fail to claim all of your tax expenses and allowances, so you end up paying more tax than necessary.


Save time, hassle and money!

  • Using GoSimpleTax makes Self Assessment much easier and quicker, by telling you what information you need to enter and where in your tax return.
  • And not only does GoSimpleTax make mistakes less likely, but it can also ensure that you claim all of your tax allowances and expenses, so you save money by paying less tax.
  • GoSimpleTax also calculates your tax bill automatically, so you’ll know how much you owe much sooner. This can enable you to better budget for paying your tax bill.
  • Multi-award-winning software GoSimpleTax is remarkably easy to use, but our customer support team will also be on hand to help you with any queries.

Need to know! If you’re taxed on your foreign income by the UK and the country in which your income came from, you can usually claim tax relief to get some or all of this tax back.

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