Tax Shouldn’t Distract From What Matters

If your work is based in faith, it’s probable that you rarely focus on your finances and feel that monetary matters distract from your cause. With GoSimpleTax software, you can quickly put tax returns to the back of your mind and concentrate on what really matters.

It’s a sad fact of life that money often takes over our thoughts completely. Luckily, if you’re employed in a religious field, you can allow tax returns to be the last thing on your mind by switching to GoSimpleTax. This means you can focus on practicing your faith and supporting others in theirs as the chief part of your career, without any unpleasant financial distractions.

With the help of this easy and intuitive software, you can claim all tax exemptions available to Ministers of Religion and avoid being penalised for avoidable mistakes. You can also upload receipts using your phone’s camera and add them to both your SA100 and supplementary SA102M forms. This helps you swiftly file your tax return with HMRC without any worries at all.

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Why GoSimpleTax?

GoSimpleTax is the quick and easy solution to managing all of your Self Assessment information. From just £30 per year, the software can save you an average of £240 per annum on fees – if used in place of an accountant.

There’s no need to second-guess the information as you enter it; the simple and intuitive interface includes Artificial Intelligence features that alert you when you’ve missed something or made a mistake; something that could otherwise earn you a hefty fine.

You don’t even need to splash out on a new device – GoSimpleTax is available on both iOS and Android. Remember to take your time as you decide whether GoSimpleTax is right for you.

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