Tax Shouldn’t Distract From What Matters

If your work is based in faith, it’s probable that you rarely focus on your finances and feel that monetary matters distract from your cause. With GoSimpleTax software, you can quickly put tax returns to the back of your mind and concentrate on what really matters.

It’s a sad fact of life that money often takes over our thoughts completely. Luckily, if you’re employed in a religious field, you can allow tax returns to be the last thing on your mind by switching to GoSimpleTax. This means you can focus on practicing your faith and supporting others in theirs as the chief part of your career, without any unpleasant financial distractions.

With the help of this easy and intuitive software, you can claim all tax exemptions available to Ministers of Religion and avoid being penalised for avoidable mistakes. You can also upload receipts using your phone’s camera and add them to both your SA100 and supplementary SA102M forms. This helps you swiftly file your tax return with HMRC without any worries at all.

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How GoSimpleTax Can Help Ministers Of Religion Declare On A Self Assessment Tax Return

It always pays to submit the Minister of Religion tax return. If you don’t, it will end up costing more than is necessary for the maintenance, travel and new investments relevant for your role.

Expenses for the running of your parish, resources and building grounds can all be claimed back for tax purposes. As a result, you’ll earn more and be able to do a better job.

An affiliated church may cover some expenses, but others will need to be made known to HMRC. You might also catch the taxman’s attention if you don’t declare bonuses given by the church – like ‘love offerings’ at Christmas.

GoSimpleTax’s tax software for ministers is purpose-built. It has the standard SA100 Self Assessment form, along with the dedicated SA102M pages for listing expenses.

Our tools also link up directly to HMRC, allowing for a one-click submission. You’ll be able to ensure compliance without spending too much time or energy, guaranteeing a stress-free Self Assessment.

On top of this, our clergy tax software offers tax-saving recommendations, so that you can reduce your tax liability along the way.

Allowable Expenses For Ministers Of Religion

GoSimpleTax’s tax software for ministers has an expense categorisation system, which determines the tax-deductible expenses. And, you can stipulate the percentage for any private usage if applicable.

Prior to the tax return deadline, your church should send you a P11D form. This comprises all the benefits you’ve received, such as rent and utilities reimbursed by the religious organisation.

However, you’ll still need to gather evidence for day-to-day expenses. These include:

• Private rent not covered by the church (up to 25%)
• Residence heating, lighting, repairs and maintenance
• Repairs made to the religious site
• Replacing robes worn for service
• Subscriptions that can help you perform a better service to the community
• Journeying from one place of work to another
• New ceremonial items
• Secretarial assistance for your duties
• Reasonable entertainment costs for visiting clergy members
• Ceremonial food and drink
• Priesthood training
• Postage and stationery used for ministerial activities

Why Ministers Of Religion Use GoSimpleTax?

Ministers of Religion use our clergy tax software so they can focus on those relying on their care and advice. We ensure you won’t sink hours into the Self Assessment.

Working in real time, GoSimpleTax keeps up with the pace of your earnings, expenses and tax status. This is helped by the fact it can be used on the go – whether you want to photograph receipts and file them as expenses or submit the full tax return, it’s all possible on a wide range of devices.

With our tax software for ministers, you can scan essential documents like the P11D. Plus, it assesses the validity of every expense you wish to claim.

The tax return process is made as simple as can be with GoSimpleTax. You just input your data, and the tools do the calculations for you.

And if you require any tax guidance, not only have we published an article on tax advice for Ministers of Religion, but our software provides helpful tips at every stage.

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