Why GoSimpleTax for UK landlords?

Each year, more than 2.7m UK landlords need to complete and file a Self Assessment tax return and the SA105 supplementary page to report their taxable UK rental income. It’s a faff that many could do without.

It’s a boring task and if you lack knowledge and experience, not only can it take a long time, but you can also make mistakes that can later prove costly. There’s also a big risk that you fail to claim all of your tax expenses and allowances, so you end up paying more tax than necessary.


Save time, hassle and money!

  • Using GoSimpleTax makes Self Assessment much easier and quicker, by telling you what information you need to enter and where in your tax return.
  • And not only does GoSimpleTax make mistakes less likely, but it can also ensure that you claim all of your tax allowances and landlord expenses, so you save money by paying less tax.
  • GoSimpleTax also calculates your tax bill automatically, so you’ll know how much you owe much sooner. This can enable you to better budget for paying your tax bill.
  • Multi-award-winning software GoSimpleTax is remarkably easy to use, but our customer support team will also be on hand to help you with any queries.

Allowable expenses for Airbnb hosts

Being a landlord is costly. There are so many things to buy and expenses to cover, while repairs and maintenance work can really bump up your costs. Thankfully, HMRC allows you to claim many costs as allowable expenses, which helps to minimise your Income Tax bill. UK landlord allowable expenses can include:

  • UK landlord property maintenance and repair costs (eg replacing roof tiles or a window)
  • UK landlord ground rents and service charges (if applicable)
  • redecorating between tenancies
  • UK landlord building, contents and public liability insurance
  • UK landlord gardening and cleaning costs
  • agent fees/management fees
  • UK landlord legal fees for lets of a year or less (eg for legal advice about pursuing unpaid rent, etc)
  • UK landlord accountancy/bookkeeping fees
  • UK landlord direct costs (eg phone calls, stationery and advertising for new tenants, etc)
  • UK landlord vehicle/fuel costs (only the proportion used for your rental business)
  • costs for disposing of old items of furniture or electrical appliances, etc.

Need to know! If you rent out a furnished or part-furnished property, replacing furnishings or equipment cannot be claimed as an allowable expense. But, UK landlords can claim Replacement Domestic Items relief for replacing a sofa, bed, carpets, curtains, white goods, crockery, cutlery, etc. The quality should be similar, because you can only claim the value of like-for-like replacements.

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