Why GoSimpleTax for Plumbers?

For plumbers, there’s hardly time to file your tax return let alone keep on top of your accounts. As such, it’s not uncommon for builders to miss the 31st January deadline or fall foul of HMRC due to errors in their tax return submission. GoSimpleTax helps prevent that by enabling you to input your income and expenditure in real time, and therefore proactively update your tax return.

Our software walks you through the tax year, highlighting your responsibilities as you go.


Take Advantages Of HMRC Allowances

If you complete your return via the the HMRC website, it won’t tell you about the available allowances. Go Simple Tax via a series of questions highlights exactly what allowances you can claim for.


Allowable Expenses for Plumbers

Business expenses are inevitable when you’re a plumber. Thankfully, many can be deducted as allowable expenses from your taxable profits to lessen your Income Tax bill.

These could include:

  • Tools and equipment used as part of the building business including vehicles
  • Materials and building supplies
  • Protective clothing
  • Travel costs including both public transportation (bus, trains and planes) and mileage
  • Costs of setting up and maintaining a website
  • Phone, broadband, stationery and other office costs
  • Legal, accounting and other professional fees
  • Insurance premiums

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