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Self Assessment Tax Return Software

Do yourself a favour this tax season –  give GoSimpleTax a try, and save hours of valuable time with our easy-to-use tax return software.

GoSimpleTax is loaded with handy features that make submitting your tax return on time a breeze, including:


GoSimpleTax makes use of one-click shortcuts for ease of use, so you can swiftly access just the parts of the tax return relevant to your situation, and complete it without complications.


Our software automatically calculates your income and expenditure to work out exactly what you owe, and notify you of any tax reductions that you may be eligible for.


GoSimpleTax offers easy to read reports to help you understand your tax and how your business is performing. Reports like the SA302 show your Income Tax calculation for the year, helping you understand your income, expenses and tax calculation


It is easy to make a costly mistake on your tax return or miss out on opportunities to lower your overall bill. GoSimpleTax does much of the leg work for you and will notify you immediately when there’s a possibility of a mistake




Upload Receipts Instantly

The receipt scanning feature is a game changer for anyone who is tired of hauling paper receipts around. Upload your receipts to GoSimpleTax and they will be added to your accounting records immediately. Ready to submit to HMRC. Keep track of your expenses easily, in real time, and avoid costly mistakes.


Automatically Calculate Income, Expenditure and Tax Owed

Gone are the days of fretting over a calculator surrounded by scraps of paper at the eleventh hour. GoSimpleTax’s software uses the information you upload in real time to calculate your income and expenditure, working out the tax you owe and sending you helpful notifications when there’s the possibility of a mistake. As well as helping you to avoid any penalties, GoSimpleTax notifies you of any tax reductions for which you may be eligible.


Categorise Expenses

GoSimpleTax features an expenses categorisation system to calculate which of expenses may be tax deductible – saving you money. You can check back over your expenditure for the financial year with just a few taps. You can also specify what percentage of your costs was for private use, which could save you a real headache in the long run.


GoSimpleTax Invoicing

Simple and professional invoicing aimed specifically at non VAT registered sole traders.

  • Create invoices in less than 2 minutes
  • Send unlimited invoices at no extra cost
  • Create and send invoices from your phone, tablet or computer
  • Automatically assigns an invoice number
  • Track invoice status to see if it has been paid or not
  • Send reminders for overdue invoices
  • Track your Income and Expenses
  • Get paid faster with our PayPal and SumUp integration
  • Automatically updates your tax return within a GoSimpleTax account
  • Free to use
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Here’s what current users are saying about GoSimpleTax’s tax return software and features:

Great User Experience Awards Best Financial Startup Finalist UK Cloud Awards winner 2019 Capterra Highest Rated SME News Business Elite Awards 2020 The Contracting Awards 2019 High Commended Digital Entrepreneur Awards 2019 Finalist Winner Accounting Excellence 2019

Making Tax Digital

Our MTD for VAT software was launched in April 2019. When Self Assessment transitions to MTD for Income Tax GoSimpleTax will make the change seamless – we’ll be ready, you’ll be ready.

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