Tax Return Software For Self-Employed Driving Instructors

Part-time and full-time driving instructors are normally sole traders, making them wholly responsible for telling HMRC how much tax they owe and paying their tax bill. This means they have to personally log their income and deduct any business expenses themselves. GoSimpleTax makes this easier by:

  • Identifying potential tax relief
  • Only displaying tax forms relevant to you
  • Filing your Self Assessment tax return directly to HMRC
  • Remove the need for an accountant
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Understanding Tax As A Driving Instructor

For driving instructors, logging your expenses is crucial. Fuel and car running cost you spend whilst giving lessons can be claimed back on and help to reduce your tax liability.

Our platform provides an alternative by enabling you to record your income and photograph all your receipts, and upload them directly to the cloud for safe storage. From here, our tool will flag any potential expenditure that you can claim tax relief for.

But that’s just the beginning. As well as helping to keep your tax liability down where possible, our software provides a way to accurately log your self-employment income in real time. This enables us to forecast how much tax you owe and file your tax return directly to HMRC. You’re then able to budget more effectively and ensure that you can cover all Income Tax and National Insurance payments.

We understand that getting to grips with your tax responsibilities as a self-employed driving instructor can be a challenge. GoSimpleTax was designed with this in mind. With us by your side, you can spend less time stressing about tax and more time behind the wheel.

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Key Features

Log receipts and business expenses

As driving instructors need to log their car running costs, our platform makes it easy to store receipts and other evidence of expenditure.

Reduce your tax liability

Once you start to log your expenses, you’ll be prompted to claim any potential tax savings you may qualify for, helping increase your take-home pay where possible.

Track income in real time

All your earnings can be recorded and added to your tax return in between lessons, helping you to always see how much tax you’ll owe.

Manage your deadlines

With your predicted tax bill in front of you, you’ll always be ready for a Self Assessment or payment on account deadline.

Why Should Self-Employed Driving Instructors Use GoSimpleTax?

To simplify expenses

Self-employed driving instructors have to log all relevant expenditure if they want to claim back on mileage and other associated expenses. GoSimpleTax makes this easy by freeing you from paper receipts and enabling you to upload photos of them directly to our platform.

To stay in the know

Instead of having to manually input the income gained from each lesson at the end of the year, GoSimpleTax allows you to log it as and when you receive it. This way, you always know how much tax you owe and can budget more effectively.

To gain a competitive edge

Where your competitors might need to rely on an accountant, you’re able to handle your own tax return and are equipped to file early. This level of autonomy and foresight places you ahead of the rest and can free up your schedule in the middle of the tax season.

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