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Self-employed cleaners need to complete a tax return and consider taxes such as Income Tax and National Insurance. GoSimpleTax not only empowers you to file your tax return online, it also has a number of resources – along with guidance to help you understand and reduce your tax bill. For example:

  • Record your self-employed income and expenses
  • Hints and tips on possible tax savings
  • Calculate any tax you need to pay
  • Submit your tax return to HMRC
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Turn To GoSimpleTax For Your Self Assessment Tax Return

When you started working for yourself as a self-employed cleaner, you probably didn’t expect a heap of complex and time-consuming tax responsibilities. From Class 2 and Class 4 National Insurance contributions to making sure you pay your tax on time GoSimpleTax helps makes filing your tax return easy.

Some cleaners opt to use an accountant to manage their taxes. However, software like ours is popular for a reason. It makes sorting and filing your tax return easy, without the need to fork out for professional service fees. You really don’t need to be a numbers expert when you use GoSimpleTax when it comes to filing your tax return.

You’ll get back your time, feel less stressed about tax deadlines, and save money in the process. Submit your tax return online securely and confidently with us.

Key Features

Quickly access the right forms and information

Locate the tax forms and other documents that apply to you – all within our software. No confusion, no need to look in multiple places.

Record receipts and expenses instantly

Go paperless with our receipt-scanning feature, available with a full GoSimpleTax account. You’ll be able to keep track of your expenses in real-time and store evidence in the cloud.

Categorise expenses

Use the expenses categorisation system to record your expenses, and work out those which can have tax deducted, you can also add any relevant private use, making sure your tax return is accurate.

Track income in real-time

Input your income and expenditure throughout the tax year, and know how much tax you owe at any time. GoSimpleTax will work it out for you in an instant.

Manage your tax deadline

Get helpful reminders so that you can effectively manage your calendar, and submit your tax return before the due date.

Receive tax-saving recommendations

Have the opportunity to lower your tax bill with GoSimpleTax. We provide hints and tips on potential ways to save tax.

Why Should Cleaners Use GoSimpleTax?

To file tax returns with confidence

GoSimpleTax has been trusted by thousands of taxpayers over the years. Our Trustpilot reviews are just one testimony to this. With a number of awards to boot, you can have complete faith in our HMRC-recognised software.

To submit tax returns digitally and compliantly

Our software enables you to submit your completed Self Assessment tax return directly to HMRC. You can also be certain that you’ll comply with any rules for tax. We’re ready for MTD for Income Tax when it’s launched, meaning you’ll be just as ready.

To make tax simple

We live up to our name: making the complexities of filing for and paying tax straightforward. From jargon-free language to tips, tax-saving suggestions and automatic calculations, tax will become as easy as 1-2-3.

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