How GoSimpleTax Can Help You Declare Overseas Income On Your Self Assessment Tax Return

GoSimpleTax empowers you to declare overseas income in the UK. Our software has numerous features that make it specifically suitable for your needs.

It has the necessary digital forms to complete your Self Assessment built-in, and these can be filed from literally any location. You won’t have to pay for a costly recorded postal delivery to HMRC – you can submit directly and securely via GoSimpleTax, with instant confirmation to assure you.

Our tool is an all-in-one solution that keeps your files in a single place: the cloud. You’ll never experience loss of information or the frustration that comes from having data in different countries.

Another key benefit is that it is completely stress-free – GoSimpleTax takes the sums off your hands and is fully compliant too. Our UK tax return software for non-residents is on HMRC’s list of approved suppliers.

With GoSimpleTax, you’ll have complete peace of mind when it comes to your tax on foreign income in the UK.

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Why Is It Important To Declare Overseas Income?

You’ll need to declare overseas income on your Self Assessment if you’re a resident or domiciled in the UK for tax purposes. Otherwise, you risk facing issues with the taxman.

Or you may encounter the problem of paying tax on foreign income in the UK twice. This can be easily avoided by using double taxation agreements (DTAs) as a reference point.

The UK has signed these with most countries. They plainly lay out how each income source is taxed – instead of domestic legislation making the ruling, the DTA does.

It’s important to know the most common foreign gains you can be taxed on. These include:

• Income from work duties carried out elsewhere (this counts regardless if it’s UK employment or if the earnings are paid in, (add comma) or from the UK)
• Any profits from a business in another country
• Rental yields from a foreign property
• Gains earned from selling or giving away overseas assets
• Interest on savings from foreign bank accounts
• Income from an overseas pension or investment

Should I fill in a SA109 form too?

If you’re an expat or contracting, then you may need to file the SA109 supplementary pages as part of your Self Assessment as well.

The SA109 requires completion if you’re taxable on a remittance basis – that is, not domiciled in the UK but receiving foreign income and gains. You’ll also be taxable if you’re a non-UK resident, not ordinarily a resident here, or if you’re classed as a dual resident.

If you’re unsure whether you fit the criteria, you’re classed as a resident if:

  • you spend 183 days or more of the tax year in the UK
  • your only home (that you have owned, rented or lived in for at least 91 days) is in the UK and you spend at least 30 days of the tax year there.

The supplementary pages allow you to record your residence and domicile status on your SA100 Self Assessment form.

GoSimpleTax has the SA109 available in our tax software, so you can complete all parts of your tax return seamlessly.

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Why People With An Overseas Income Use GoSimpleTax

Paying tax on foreign income is made easier with GoSimpleTax, no matter your circumstances. Our smart UK tax return software for non-residents removes all complexity.

From compliance guidance to working out the sums, you’ll find no issues with paying overseas Income Tax in the UK. In fact, you’ll be able to limit your liability through its tax-saving suggestions.

On top of this, real-time visibility will give you a clear view of your finances at any point in the tax year, allowing you to identify actions to improve your situation.

The tax return process is made straightforward: simply key in the necessary information, and see automatic calculations appear. When it comes to expenses, you can record them on the go – just use your smartphone to take photos.

Also, if you so wish, you can file your tax return on this device too. With GoSimpleTax, your time spent on the overseas income assessment form will be at an absolute minimum.

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