A Simple Approach To The Self Assessment For Landlords

For those in buy-to-let residential property, tax returns can be overly complicated. The various forms you’re required to fill out can be exhausting – and that’s before you’ve factored in Capital Gains Tax or expenses you’re eligible to claim. We help change that by:

  • Identifying relevant tax relief
  • Only displaying forms relevant to you
  • Filing your Self Assessment tax return directly to HMRC
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Maximise Your Rental Income As A Landlord

Landlords choose GoSimpleTax to save time. Staying on the right side of the taxman can be arduous, and those in the industry often struggle to get all their documentation in order before the January deadline – never mind claim tax relief.

Our platform changes that by breaking down the Self Assessment tax return process. You can update your income and expenditure in real time, throughout the tax year. In this way, you can periodically see how much tax you owe, determine whether you’re paying the basic rate or a higher rate of tax, and look for any opportunities to reduce your tax liability before submitting your tax return.

In fact, when it comes to tax relief, we make it even easier to spot a potentially allowable expense by notifying you – whether that’s for furniture you’ve purchased for your rental properties, business stationery, or letting agents’ fees.

The best bit? All your expense receipts can be stored on our app. Instead of filing away paper copies, you’re able to take a photo and upload it directly to our platform.

Take the stress out of submitting your self assessment tax return

Stay Abreast of the Latest Changes

Don’t be wrong-footed by changing legislation. Our platform factors in the latest law and applies it to your tax return.

Never Miss a Deadline

Whether it’s the Self Assessment tax return deadline or your second payment on account, we ensure you’re on track to file with time to spare.

Get Access to the Relevant Forms

Forget searching the HMRC website for rental business forms or those relating to any other earnings you may have. Access all the supplementary pages you need in one place.

Submit Directly to HMRC

Our software is recognised by HMRC and can file directly to them. All you have to do is simply pay tax through the HMRC portal, by post, or by BACS.

Why Should Landlords Use GoSimpleTax?

To simplify renting out a property

Investors with multiple rental or furnished holiday homes spend so much time on remaining compliant that they rarely get an opportunity to focus on their venture. We streamline the Self Assessment process so you can get back to doing what you love.

To increase your rental income

As our software highlights potential opportunities to reduce your tax liability, you’ll begin to recognise how renovations, insurance and even the cost of advertising for new tenants can be claimed back on. This helps you to increase the amount of rental income you receive.

To help you focus on your property

Poring over your accounts to ensure you’re straight with HMRC takes time. We understand that this time could be spent scouting new properties or renovating current ones, so we make using our software as straightforward as possible – with helpful alerts and dedicated support.

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By joining GoSimpleTax, you can regain control of the Self Assessment process. What’s more, you won’t pay a penny until you want to submit your tax return to HMRC. Trial our software now  to start assessing your obligations from the palm of your hand.

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