Shear away the complexities of your Self Assessment tax return

Easy salon bookkeeping

Hairdresser tax always keeps you on your toes. When it comes to your finances, it can be difficult to stay on top of revenue, expenses and tax liabilities. Whether you’re based in a salon, or spend your days as a mobile stylist, it’s vital to have a watchful eye on your hard-earned cash.

Thankfully, SimpleTax is here to make your life easier. It’s not just a fantastic tool for identifying tax deductions for self-employed hairdressers, but also for your Self Assessment tax return; it supports self-employed hairdresser bookkeeping all year long.

Simply log your income and expenses in our tax filing software via the web or our salon bookkeeping app, for a real-time tax calculator that ensures you’re always one step ahead of the taxman. Really, it’s like trimming the ends from a ragged head of hair, so everything matches up…

Making sense of self-employed hairdresser tax deductions

Finding your financial duties a headache? Not to worry: SimpleTax bears the burden, streamlining your expenses into one, easy-to-use platform that can be accessed anywhere, on any device.

It aims to cut costs at every corner by flagging up viable tax breaks. On top of that, you can see your projected income at a glance, and compare it to the on-going flux of your Self Assessment. Everything fits, and it’s all broken down to be as clear as possible.

The software allows you to complete all relevant tax forms, and send directly to HMRC when it’s time to submit your Self Assessment tax return. No missed opportunities, no mistakes, just a straightforward tool that ensures you pay no more than you owe.

What can hairdressers claim on tax?

You may know this already — or you could be starting out from scratch — but there are many self-employed hairdresser tax deductions that can trim down your payment to HMRC.

SimpleTax analyses such expenses as:
  • Chair hire
  • Insurance
  • Equipment and uniform
  • Travel to clients
  • Training courses
  • And much more

Curious to get started?

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