6 great reasons to use GoSimpleTax to get your Self Assessment tax return done

Who enjoys filling out tax returns? It’s dull. It’s something you do because you have to. And even then, there’s always a nagging suspicion that you’ve made a mistake, which can mean you either pay too…

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Last Updated: 23rd March 2023

Who enjoys filling out tax returns? It’s dull. It’s something you do because you have to. And even then, there’s always a nagging suspicion that you’ve made a mistake, which can mean you either pay too much tax or not enough.

It’s best to get your Self Assessment tax return done sooner rather than later, however, each year, some four million people leave filing their Self Assessment tax return online until January. The looming midnight 31 January online-filing deadline makes things more urgent, and in the weeks leading up to the deadline, the pressure really begins to mount. Who needs that stress? You don’t, so what you do need is GoSimpleTax.

What is GoSimpleTax?

GoSimpleTax is award-winning online Self Assessment tax return software. Many thousands of people just like you use it each year, including self-employed sole traders, freelancers, contractors, company directors, UK landlords and expat Brits. GoSimpleTax is available online. GoSimpleTax integrates with other apps and web services, including popular accounting software (eg Free Agent and Xero).

Why use GoSimpleTax?       

1. GoSimpleTax makes Self Assessment dead easy

Let’s be honest, having to complete and file your Self Assessment tax return each year is an additional pain you can do without, especially if you still haven’t done it come January.

GoSimpleTax takes the guesswork out of Self Assessment and makes completing your tax return much simpler and less stressful. After stating which sources of income you need to report, you’ll be guided through the process and all you need to do is enter the required information in the right places. GoSimpleTax will do all of the calculations and take care of the rest. Sounds easy? It is. 

2. GoSimpleTax will save you lots of time

If you’re not really sure what information to include or where it should go, you can waste many hours trying to complete your Self Assessment tax return. And because it’s a faff, it might take you many sessions to finish the job, because you keep putting it off.

With GoSimpleTax, just select the income you receive and you’ll be guided through your SA100 tax return and any supplementary or additional pages you need to fill out, no time wasted. GoSimpletax is full of time-saving shortcuts, so you can get the job done properly in as little time as possible (an hour or two should do it if you have all of your figures to hand).

3. GoSimpleTax could save you lots of money

If you lack knowledge or experience – which is inevitable if you’re not an accountant or tax adviser – you may fail to claim all of your tax allowances and reliefs, which means you’ll pay more tax than necessary.

GoSimpleTax includes money-saving hints and tips, and you’ll automatically be told if you’re not claiming all of the tax reductions you’re entitled to. Some users have saved many thousands of pounds thanks to GoSimpleTax. Could you reduce your tax bill? Find out with GoSimpleTax.

4. GoSimpleTax makes Self Assessment tax return mistakes unlikely

If you file your Self Assessment tax return directly with HMRC, mistakes are much more likely, because there’s no safety net. GoSimpleTax was designed to help prevent users from making mistakes when filling in their Self Assessment tax return. Such Self Assessment tax return mistakes can later waste lots of your time and money.

GoSimpleTax helps you to avoid making basic Self Assessment tax return mistakes. What you’ll get instead is added peace of mind from knowing that your Self Assessment tax return is error-free.

5. GoSimpleTax offers unbeatable value for money

If you had to pay an accountant to complete your Self Assessment tax return for you and provide money-saving tax advice, you would probably have to pay upwards of a few hundred quid, even if your tax affairs are simple and you maintain your own financial records.

Yet individual taxpayers can get a GoSimpleTax subscription for the tax year for just £54.99 (inc VAT), which offers unbeatable value for money. You can also get a friends and family subscription (ie two tax returns) for just £83.99. You could make tax savings worth much more than that.

6. GoSimpleTax comes with FREE support you can trust

Because GoSimpleTax makes completing and filing a Self Assessment tax return much easier, many people get the job done themselves without needing any support. However, if you need it, you can email our support team and we’ll give you the answers you need as soon as we can.

  • For most of the year our support hours are 9am-5pm Monday to Friday, but in January we offer support 9am until 9pm Monday to Friday, 10am until 4pm Saturday and Sunday and 9am until midnight on Monday 31 January.

We also provide a highly popular tax-return checking service, where one of our experts will take a close look at your tax return and try to find ways to save you money. Our tax return-checking service costs just £99, plus your GoSimpleTax subscription. Find out more about our tax return checking service? Each year we save some people many thousands of pounds, hopefully we can do the same for you.

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