I Don’t Have A Scanner To Scan In My Tax Documents – What Do I Do?

Your work space will likely have a section dedicated to paper invoices and contracts, and also receipts demonstrating your expenses. But what about when you need to HMRC? If you’re scratching your head saying: “I don’t have a scanner to scan in my tax documents – what do I do?” – don’t panic.

Simply buying one is not only an added cost, it isn’t the most straightforward way either. Instead, we’re going discuss the benefits of the easiest way to submit your Self Assessment tax return taking photos via your smartphone.

Provides good quality

Pretty much any smartphone these days can take photos of a good enough quality. As long as the text on the paper is legible, then it can be as evidence. This has the extra advantage of removing the need to purchase a camera or scanner. Therefore, there’ll be precisely zero cost required to snap the images.

Speeds up the process

Taking photos rather than using a scanner significantly quickens the process. There’s no longer a need to turn a machine on, perfectly position the paper, and wait for the file to appear on your computer before attaching it. Instead, a smartphone allows you to access a flawless photo in seconds.

Integrates with software

The best thing about using a smartphone for your paper documents is that there’s plenty of software available to integrate with it. For example, GoSimpleTax’s mobile app enables you to take photos of your receipts and add them directly into your account.

Therefore, you’ll save even more time by not needing to locate the photo at a later stage. You’ll be able to easily keep up with your expenses, rather than frantically rush when the Self Assessment tax return deadline nears. This is particularly beneficial as Making Tax Digital’s rollout looms, so you’ll get a head start on maintaining your records.

Also, by using our UK tax software, you’ll be provided with instant adjustments that enable you to see the amount owed throughout the year. On top of this, GoSimpleTax gives you tailored tax saving suggestions that can help reduce your tax liability.

Taking photos via the best tax software really is the simplest way forward. So if you don’t have a scanner to scan in your tax documents, it really isn’t a problem. GoSimpleTax allows you to take advantage of this and many other features that come with our cloud tax software. For example, you can submit your Self Assessment tax return from a smartphone.

To discover the benefits for yourself, take a 14-day trial completely free of charge. If you have any questions, get in touch our friendly team would be happy to provide the answers.

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