Is It Possible To Submit My Tax Return Form From My Smartphone?

Completing a Self Assessment tax return used to be a long and arduous process of poring over paperwork. Forms must be submitted on time; the deadline for paper tax returns is the 31st October. Online submissions have allowed HMRC to extend this to the 31st January, but when you’re constantly on the go even this can be tricky.

“Is it possible to submit my tax return form from my smartphone?” you ask. Read on to learn how to file your Self Assessment without a computer or laptop…

Introducing… tax software

As part of our suggestions for the new tax year, we mentioned the value in mobile tax software. There are lots of apps out there designed to help you manage your money – it’s simply a case of finding the best Self Assessment software for you.

Rather than sitting down once a week, month or year to update the state of your finances, you can update your tax return in real-time. Phone cameras snap receipts and other supporting evidence on the go, so nothing gets missed. You can then look at an overview to see where things are at.

But this only works if the data itself is accurate. You’ll also have to use it regularly, scanning every document that gives evidence of what you’re liable for. Getting into the habit is easy, however, and within no time you’ll have the benefit of knowing that your tax return is up to scratch before it’s time to send it off.

How does it work?

SimpleTax is a prime example of how speedy and convenient tax software can be. Recognised by HMRC, it has the forms you need to complete your Self Assessment – some of which aren’t even available on the government’s own portal. The forms that can be submitted to HMRC from Apple and Android phones and tablets include:

  • SA100 – the main tax return
  • SA102 – for employees or company directors
  • SA103 – for self-employment
  • SA105 – for UK property income

Many more forms exist; if one is relevant to you, SimpleTax will bring it to your attention so you can submit an accurate Self Assessment, tailored to your particular situation. You can complete each form mentioned above on our mobile app. Afterwards, you can send them straight to HMRC over secure 256-bit encryption. You’ll get a confirmation email receipt once your submission has been successful.

With so much ease at your fingertips, it’s plain to see why British taxpayers are switching to SimpleTax. Not only does our cloud-based tax software save you time and hassle, it’s also incredibly useful for presenting your case during a compliance check.


Is it possible to submit my tax return form from my smartphone? We hope we’ve given you a definitive thumbs-up… Take a 14-day free trial to try SimpleTax’s mobile software today.

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