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Plenty of Britons live abroad and at some time or another end up filing taxes from abroad. What you may not consider, if you’re in the expat club, is the status of your UK-derived income. British tax law still applies to any earnings you make from this country, even if you don’t reside here.

Navigating expat taxation and presenting these realities to the taxman can be tough. Unless, that is, you have a digital aid to your Self Assessment tax return — one that’s as portable as you are!

SimpleTax is that solution. Our unique, Cloud-based tax filing software for expats makes it easy to work out what you owe, and where potential tax savings can be made…

The best tax software for expats

You may have numerous assets and revenue channels in Great Britain, all of which you have to declare to HMRC. SimpleTax collects it together in a single platform, with a real-time UK expat tax calculator that you can access via the web or app.

Expatriate tax returns have never been easier: just fill our online forms, send them straight to HMRC, and be comforted by the fact that all of your documents have been cross-checked by our intelligent, up-to-date tax filing software

It means you’ll stay on the right side of UK non resident tax rules — so you can focus on matters closer to home, wherever that may be.

Building your expense claims, anytime, anywhere

‘Expat’ is a blanket term; the nature of your income could be as strange and exotic as the country you’ve flown to! From non-resident landlord tax to non-resident personal allowance, we have taxes for expats covered.

Just snap a photo of your receipts on a tablet or mobile device, and the software takes over, confirming whether it’s eligible for tax relief. So whether you’re in the office, at home or travelling between meetings, you can stay on top of your finances.

SimpleTax starts at just £15.00 per year, and saves an average of £240 on accountancy fees!
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