Katy Carlisle Explains Why GoSimpleTax Is Perfect For Freelancers

Katy Carlisle is the founder of The Wheel Exists, a small business that specialises in Squarespace web design for other small businesses, freelancers, and charities.

Having set up her company five years ago, Katy has found GoSimpleTax to be the perfect companion ever since – and likes the software so much that she’s even recommended it to her readers on The Wheel Exists website.

“The great thing about GoSimpleTax is the sense of control it gives you,” explains Katy.

“Before I set up my business, I was very briefly self-employed in another capacity, and I submitted my tax using HMRC’s own site. After trying GoSimpleTax during my second round of self-employment, I realised how much better this software was.”

“I primarily use GoSimpleTax for my tax purposes, usually just once a year to submit my return, although I actually used it halfway through this past tax year to see where I was at.”

GoSimpleTax gives you control over all your info, and you never feel out of your depth.”

Katy also says she loves the personalised, simplified approach favoured by GoSimpleTax, and believes the software has saved her a lot of money over the years.

The language it uses is human not HMRC language at all!” she says.

“I love the fact that it will say here’s what this means, or here are some examples’. For new freelancers, tax stuff can be quite daunting, and GoSimpleTax is very good for breaking things down and making them easier to understand.”

It also reminds you of other expenses you might have forgotten to claim for. For example, I’ve entered car insurance in the pastand the software told me I’d claimed for fuel but hadn’t claimed for road tax. I paid for my road tax from a separate account, and I would have completely forgotten it otherwise.”

“The software shows your tax liability as you’re adding data into it. I never know how much National Insurance I’m going to owe each year, but GoSimpleTax can help. It tells you what tax obligations and expenses are coming along and helps you claim as much as you’re legally able to.”

If I was submitting through HMRC, I’d probably just record basic expenses and not really think about what else I might be entitled to. But you can see the numbers right there on GoSimpleTax and it makes you more mindful of what you may be able to claim.”

It definitely offers value for money. It easily saves the amount I pay for it, and I will continue to recommend it to anyone who needs to do a Self Assessment.”

To learn more about why GoSimpleTax is the best tax software on the market, and why it’s recognised by HMRC, visit our website. Want to claim a 14-day free trial? Sign up today.

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