As the tax deadline gets even closer (31st January), the vast majority of self-employed taxpayers reach out for the services of an accountant. Tax season can be a scary time of the year and seeking help from a qualified professional can certainly be appealing, but why pay an accountant when you can do it yourself for free? Ask yourself this question, ‘Do I really need an accountant?’ Today, SimpleTax is here to answer this age-old question, and explain how you can file your tax return like an expert, without the use of an accountant.

How does an accountant help?

Firstly, let’s look at what an accountant actually does for the taxpayer. A good accountant will:

  • Keep on top of your books,
  • File for self-assessment annually,
  • Find savings where they can,
  • Save you time

Granted, when it comes to tax season I can see why people reach out for a qualified professional. However, this all comes at a price. Yes, a good accountant will save you money if/where they can, but this may well be cancelled out by the charge to do so, up to £500 for the service described above.

If you would like to avoid these expensive accountancy bills, but still file your taxes like a professional, SimpleTax is the answer.

The cheaper, quicker and better alternative.

Do I need an accountant? No! SimpleTax allows you, the ordinary taxpayer, to easily stay on top of your taxes without the use of an accountant. Yes, you heard us right. For the first time ever, YOU can understand and make sense of YOUR tax liability in minutes, just like an expert. No complicated forms or tax code; SimpleTax keeps things super simple and discovers savings you didn’t even know existed, just ask Liam. Whether you have a good grasp on your tax savings or you’re clueless when it comes to tax, SimpleTax will make sense of everything for you. Whether your accounts are relatively straightforward, or they’re a little on the complicated side, SimpleTax can help you file your self-assessment in minutes.

So, here’s how SimpleTax is different, and better, than using an accountant:

  • There are no accountants, nor are there accountancy fees (hooray!)
  • For the first time ever, you can understand your tax liability in minutes
  • SimpleTax discovers deductible items that will automatically save you money.

How much does SimpleTax cost?

Whilst a good accountant will cost you an arm and a leg, Simpletax is FREE. Spend less time and money on your taxes, and file your self-assessment online, the easy way. Anyone can be a tax expert and save; Go SimpleTax.


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