Do I need an accountant to do my tax return?

When you realise you have to submit a tax return, you’ll have a lot of questions. ‘When is it due?’ and ‘what do I include?’ will probably be on your list. The one at the very top of it will likely be ‘do I need an accountant to do my tax return?’.

You’ll have heard of others undertaking the DIY method, but doing your taxes for the first time can be scary. Here, we take a look at the benefits and drawbacks of outsourcing this task to an accountant.

What is a tax return accountant?

An accountant does many tasks for the taxpayer, and the tax return is one of the biggest – they will file it for you on an annual basis. Other duties include:

  • Keeping on top of your books
  • Claiming expenses
  • Calculating the tax owed
  • Finding savings to reduce your tax liability

How much does a tax return accountant cost?

Like with any service, a cheap cost is unlikely to get you a great deal of value for money. How much you should pay for a tax return accountant will be reliant on the amount of work they do for you, but you can easily pay up to £500 for the service described above.

You might find that some quotes are fixed and offer you more services than you require. The cost may differ depending on the type of tax return you need too, and there are specific requirements depending on your personal circumstances – a general self-employed tax return will be different to a sole trader that also has a job or rental income, for example.

Do I need an accountant?

No – GoSimpleTax allows you to easily stay on top of your taxes without the use of an accountant. Our no-jargon tax return software helps you understand and learn how to do your own return in minutes, just like an expert.

GoSimpleTax keeps things super simple and discovers savings you didn’t even know existed – just ask Liam. Whether you have a good grasp on your tax savings or you’re clueless when it comes to tax, GoSimpleTax will make sense of everything for you.

Submit your self-employed tax return with GoSimpleTax

Tax return software allows for the completion of your Self Assessment without the confusion or expensive accountancy bills.

Our Self Assessment software gives you full visibility over your finances. You can see everything in real time and from any device, including your tax liability. It also provides you with tax-saving suggestions by revealing deductible items that will automatically save you money.

‘Do I need an accountant to do my tax return?’ – this is unlikely with Self Assessment software. GoSimpleTax allows anyone to be a tax expert. Find out for yourself by signing up for a free 14-day trial.

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