Registering for your Online Tax Return

HMRC User ID, Password and UTR number


Submitting your Self-Assessment to HMRC just became a whole lot easier with SimpleTax but knowing how to use your HMRC credentials is still a complicated process where much can go wrong.

We believe that taxes are not an unsolved mystery, it’s all at your fingertips, so here are 5 simple steps to start filing your taxes today:


1.) register for Self-Assessment at:
(the form must be printed, signed and posted to HMRC services)


2.) your UTR and activation code will arrive via post within 8 weeks


3.) activate your registry with HMRC within 28 days after receiving the code at:


4.) enter – “Services you can add” (menu on the left) and enrol for Self-Assessment.


5.) save your HMRC User ID, Password and UTR (case-sensitive) for years to come


6.) access SimpleTax and discover a new free way of filing your return (HMRC approved), know what expenses will help you lower your tax bill and keep all your records online, safe & sound. Ready to file with one click! Free means free. No hidden costs.


Test your credentials using SimpleTax’s Authentication Test or

NOTE: If you’ve entered the wrong User ID or password three times or more, your account will be locked and you won’t be able to use HMRC Online Services for the next two hours.

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