Simplify The Way You Record Income And Expenses

Looking for the best free invoicing software for your business? Look no further. Not only does it help take away the pain of your bookkeeping it can also help you get paid quicker. Added benefits include:

Professional Invoicing

Create professional invoices.

Send Reminders

See who owes you money and send them reminders.

Take Card Payments

Take card payments using Paypal or Sumup.

Record Income and expenses

Record your business income and expenses.

Submit Tax Returns

Update your tax return automatically.


Online Invoicing Software: Key Features

While any old invoicing software can help create and send invoices, GoSimpleTax Invoicing is different. Every time new income or expenditure is logged, we update your tax return so that you always have an up-to-date view of your tax bill.

But that’s just the beginning…

Create custom invoices

Before, customising invoices meant using an invoice template you built on Word – and logging them meant doing so on Excel. Of course, these payment requests don’t look as professional as they could, and they take a considerable amount of time to amend.

With small business invoicing software, however, you can brand your invoices and easily update certain sections based on customer information. Now, all payment requests clearly come from you, and more clearly reflect the work you’ve undertaken.

Send quick invoices

If you have a customer that you send recurring invoices to, why waste your time manually creating them each time? GoSimpleTax allows you to quicky copy an invoice before sending to your customer.

Likewise, you can easily see when an invoice is still outstanding and you need to send a follow-up email. Prompting payment in this way can help you get paid faster.



Manage your customers

Details of your regular customers can be added to our system, allowing you to send invoices without setting them up again and again. You can mark them as active or inactive, and view them at any time under the ‘My Customers’ section.

With invoicing and billing taken care of, you’re able to focus on business development. Moving forward, you can monitor your client base and identify any opportunities to upsell to customers or generate more business.

Integrate with software

If that wasn’t enough, GoSimpleTax’s invoicing software integrates with tools like PayPal Business and SumUp attaching a ‘pay now’ button to your invoices allowing your customers to pay you quickly using a debit ot credit card. You can even use GoSimpleTax Invoicing to record your expenses.

Take Control Of Your Finances Today

GoSimpleTax Invoicing is perfect for sole traders and small businesses that are not VAT registered. Not only can you quickly and accurately add income and expenses (and send that information directly to your tax return on GoSimpleTax), but you can create professional invoices if needed.

Adopting accounting software can genuinely save you time. And the best part? This tool is completely free. We don’t even need your debit or credit card details – you can simply sign up and start adding customers.


Sending invoices should be simple. Thankfully, with our user-friendly platform, it can be. In fact, our invoicing software for small businesses and sole traders allows you to be paid faster and better manage your cash flow. But before you sign up, we know that you might have some questions. So we’ve answered the most common ones below, including:

  • What tools does our accounting software integrate with?
  • Can you custom generate invoices?
  • Can you create recurring invoices?
  • Can you set up payment reminders for invoices?

Find out the answers below and see how much you can save using our invoicing for sole traders and small business owners.


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