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At GoSimpleTax, we’re confident that our software is unrivalled in value for anyone in need of an accounting solution. That’s why we’ve provided a complete self-assessment software comparison below:

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GoSimpleTax Vs QuickBooks Self-Employed

While almost three times the price of GoSimpleTax, QuickBooks offers less than a third of our toolkit. At £96 per tax year, QuickBooks is a cloud-based product with no install required – just like us.

Unlike GoSimpleTax, however, tax returns can’t be filed immediately with HMRC and there is a large amount of forms that aren’t included in the base product, like SA100, SA102 and SA106.

QuickBooks does focus strictly on the self-employed market, yet the cost saving that GoSimpleTax provides is reason enough to consider a broader solution. 

For users who currently define themselves as self-employed, it’s worth knowing that QuickBooks’ software only prepares SA103 forms, meaning you still need to deal with HMRC, unless you use GoSimpleTax.

If you’re determining what is the best Self Assessment software for you, consider your business’ needs and then weigh up the costs of both products.

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GoSimpleTax Vs TaxCalc

TaxCalc costs approximately £30 per tax year and equally offers the ability to file tax returns instantly to HMRC.

It shares a lot of the same features as GoSimpleTax and similarly has been recognised as award-winning software. Where TaxCalc differs, however, is in its lack of convenience for users.

The software is offline and requires installation, and there is no mobile app that allows the user to access their tax return. This can make your Self Assessment process more rigid and requires allocation of time that you may not have available.

Finally, TaxCalc won’t scan your receipts to remove unnecessary admin from your tax return.

When deciding on which Self Assessment software will suit you best, consider that while TaxCalc costs £6 less than GoSimpleTax, its inflexibility could potentially get in the way of growth and development.

GoSimpleTax Vs TaxScouts

TaxScouts comes in at £99 per tax year and is a data collection service that passes your information to an accountant to prepare the tax return.

It includes the majority of the same documentation available with GoSimpleTax, however it can’t file instantly to HMRC and doesn’t cover the complicated Partnership Tax Return.

Despite being the most expensive, TaxScouts lacks a mobile app. It also doesn’t provide an AI capability that offers tax-saving prompts and deadline reminders throughout the year – it simply puts you in touch with an accountant for the Self Assessment return.

With this in mind, be conscious of the time it takes you to log your income expenditure manually and only at the end of the tax year – will choosing this software incur a higher cost in terms of resource management?

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