A simple solution to calculating and submitting Partnership Returns (SA800) – based on our award winning Self Assessment (SA100) tax return software.

SimpleTax Partnerships gives you the flexibility to submit an SA800 easily, removing the need of completing the complex HMRC forms.

SA800 Partnerships

£60.00 per tax year


per tax year

Submit Directly to HMRC
Partnership Tax Return (SA800)
Property Income (SA801)
Foreign Income (SA802)
Disposal of Assets (SA803)
Investments Income (SA804)
Auto populate partner’s SA104 form
Add partners at anytime

An intuitive solution, SimpleTax Partnerships is the straight-forward, quick and easy way to completing an SA800. As you enter data, tax liability is automatically updated – so you have a clear picture of what is owed to HMRC. Once you are ready to submit, the SA800 return is stored on our secure servers, a perfect solution for the paper-less office. Or, if you prefer you can download a PDF version for your files.

If you are using SimpleTax to complete an individual return, then SimpleTax Partnerships will also auto-populate the Partnership Short and Full pages (SA104), saving you valuable time and reducing the risk of manual input errors.

Calculate your Partnership Return for a low fee of £40 per tax year, plus you can add-in the option to pay for partners’ individual SA100 Self Assessment tax returns for only £15.00 each per tax year – a 50% discount on the usual price.

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