What is an SA107 form?

The SA107 is a supplementary tax for reporting income received from trusts, settlements, or a deceased person’s estate.

Do I need to fill out an SA107 form?

You will need to fill out an SA107 if you:

  • were a beneficiary and received, or were entitled to income from a trust or settlement, not including bare trusts
  • were a settlor and have put money or assets into a trust or settlement 
  • received income from the estate of a person who has died
  • were taxable on income arising to trustees of a settlor-interested trust or some other settlement in which you have an interest
  • were taxable on income payable to your minor children from property you have placed in settlement


You can also fill out the SA107 in certain situations on receipt of loans from a trust.

How do I fill in the SA107 form?

You can find the SA107 form here. If you usually file a Self Assessment tax return every year, HMRC might also send it to you.

Depending on where your income is from (Trust Income, Settlor, or Estate Income), you will also need a form R185. You can find this, and detailed guidelines for each line item of the SA107 here.

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How do I submit the SA107?

You can submit the SA107 alongside your SA100.


Do I need to use an SA107 if I file my tax return online?

No, you will only need to fill out the SA107 if you submit your tax return on paper.

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