What is an SA101 form?

The SA101 form is a supplementary page for your tax return for less common types of income, deductions and tax reliefs. 

Who should fill out the SA101?

The SA101 should be filled out if you receive interest from UK securities, deeply discounted securities and accrued income profits. This could include disguised interest and interest from: 

  • government stocks, gilt-edged securities or gilts 
  • peer-to-peer loans made using a UK platform 
  • bonds, loan notes or related securities issued by UK companies, local authorities, or bodies in the UK 

Do not fill out this form for:

  •  interest you receive from an ISA or PEP

You should also use this form to provide information about income from:

  • Stock dividends
  • Gains from life insurance policies
  • Business receipts taxed as income of an earlier year
  • Share schemes and employment lump sums
  • Married Couples Allowance
  • Other tax reliefs

How do I fill in the SA101?

You can find the SA101 form here. If you usually file a Self Assessment tax return every year, HMRC might also send it to you.

The HMRC also provides detailed SA101 guidelines for each line item on the form.

How do I submit the SA101?

You can submit the SA101 alongside your SA100 (your main tax return form)

Do I need to use an SA101 if I file my tax return online?

No, you will only need to fill out the SA101 if you submit your tax return on paper.

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