Simplifying your Minister of Religion tax return

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Being a self-employed Minister of Religion (MOR) is extremely satisfying. Not only are you able to practice your spiritual beliefs, and help others bolster their own — your professional schedule is yours to dictate!

Yet, beneath the freedom of independent ministerial work, there’s a much more laborious problem to tackle: your Minister of Religion tax return. Self-employed ministers need to protect their tax status, and claim any minister tax deductions they’re entitled to.

But now there’s a solution for you! Our Minister of Religion tax return software can fill the cracks in your finances, safeguarding your income and ironing out any creases in your submissions to HMRC.

The best tax software, right in your pocket

It’s fair to say that a large swathe of MORs don’t ever consider their expenditure. However, it’s vital to get savvy about your finances: after all, you should be rewarded, not penalised, for the work you do.

SimpleTax lets you snap receipts through a mobile camera, and subsequently adds them to a real-time view of your SA100 tax return and the supplementary SA102M form. Minister Of Religion tax exemption claims have never been easier.

We know the ins and outs of a clergy tax guide; our tax return software identifies Minister of Religion allowable expenses, and tots them up against your income. At a glance, you’ll know exactly what you owe, and how much you could save.

Understanding a minister of religion tax return

You may (or may not) know this, but specialised forms are required for your Minister of Religion Self Assessment tax return. SimpleTax has all the correct paperwork at your fingertips: merely complete the forms you need, and we’ll deliver them straight to HMRC.

Our Minister of Religion tax software also identifies any errors or missed opportunities before it’s due for the go-ahead. Plus, you can use SimpleTax on any internet-ready device — portability is a great attribute when you’re out and about on visits!

The best tax return software in the UK starts from just £15.00 a year, saving you around £240 on accountancy fees.
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