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Reap the rewards with the best tax software

Farming has undergone many changes, but tax responsibilities remain the same. You could make a fantastic living, but the cost of self-employment should be minimised wherever possible.

Our SimpleTax software sows the seed of a firm, no-stone-unturned submission to HMRC, however complex your finances are. We ensure that you claim every expense you’re entitled to, and reduce the burden of dealing with the taxman.

After all, when people like you are so vital to our way of life, it’s only fair to have you earning what you’re due…

Stress-free tax for farmers

By investing in SimpleTax, you’ll brush away those uncertainties, and get the complete picture. Our digital tool cross-references all receipts — uploaded via your smartphone camera — and assesses them against a vast databank of farming expenses.

Avoid the January rush by submitting your income and outgoings over the year, for a real-time tax calculator that completes your Self Assessment as you go. Everything is laid out for you, in the clearest terms, so you’re aware of what you can save.

When your tax deadline rolls around, our software allows you to send your Self Assessment directly to HMRC. No hassle, no fuss; just simple tax filing software for farmers who want to spend less time at a desk and more time outdoors!

Guiding your farmers averaging calculation

Few businesses are as seasonal, or as unpredictable, as a farming venture. The government allows you to average out your tax returns if they’re dissimilar over several years — SimpleTax can help you check, balance and submit this request if your income tends to fluctuate.

It’s another reason why we’re the best tax software in the UK… Finally, your Self Assessment tax return can take the exact shape you want it to, devoid of jargon and convoluted interfaces.

SimpleTax also stays on top of the farmers averaging new rules, which have extended to a five-year period. That means your accounts can benefit from the smartest, most up-to-date tax tool on the market, preparing for the peaks and troughs of your earning model.

Let our software cultivate your finances, so you don’t have to!

SimpleTax starts from just £12.50 per anum, and could save you up to £240 on accountancy fees. See our prices HERE, or test our 14-day free trial…

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