Scrub up your Self Assessment tax return

Don’t brush your finances under the rug…

Cleaners are renowned for being a tidy bunch — at least when it comes to working on a job. Yet, despite your hands-on approach, there’s one thing that might be gathering dust: your self-employed tax obligations.

If you’re daunted by finance, spring-clean your accounts with SimpleTax. Our tax filing software for cleaners offers a thorough overview of your finances, so that you can gain a crystal-clear picture of your income, expenses and liabilities.

Access our professional tax software via the web or app, to iron out the wrinkles in your Self Assessment tax return. It’s a fast, easy and reliable route to keeping more hard-earned cash in your pocket.

Tackling cleaner self-employed tax and expenses

We have no doubt that you’re brilliant at what you do. But your equipment, uniform, travel and detergents may be draining your accounts more than necessary. SimpleTax cleans up those expenses that are ripe for tax relief.

Just snap a picture of your receipts, and upload them to our Cloud-based app or web portal. As you continue to gather more business, SimpleTax suggests where you can claim relief, and tinkers accordingly with your overall tax bill.

It even provides all obligatory paperwork as a download from our resource pool. Once completed, it goes direct to HMRC, fool-proofed against hiccups in your self-employed cleaner tax expenses.

A portable slice of Self Assessment software

Your cleaning venture is going to (literally) take you places. Acknowledging the on-the-go attitude of cleaners around the country, we’ve made SimpleTax a breeze to use when you’re ducking, diving and moving between assignments.

Since it’s Cloud-based, your Self Assessment tax return status is viewable from any device with an internet connection. In addition, it tots up your income and expenses side-by-side, so you can gain a real-time view of your finances, wherever you are.

Looking for UK tax software?

SimpleTax can be yours from just £12.50 a year, saving you around £240 on accountancy fees. Explore our pricing today HERE, or request a free 14-day free trial…

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