A solid solution for Self Assessment tax return

Carving a niche for your finances

Pursuing a career as a self-employed carpenter can be incredibly rewarding: earning with your passion, choosing when and where to work… but when you’re flitting between jobs, there’s always a risk of falling behind on your paperwork.

Nothing takes the romance out of being a carpenter like tax… However, without a firm view of your finances, your business will be a rickety shelf: loose, confusing to look at, and prone to collapse — all of which is detrimental to your earning potential.

But don’t worry: our tax filing software is here to nail your accounts into shape. SimpleTax is a digital tool that makes accounting for tradesmen and completing your Self Assessment tax return easy, outlining your income, expenses, carpenter tax write offs and tax liabilities in one, accessible platform.

The best tax software for carpenters

SimpleTax has been designed with you at the helm: we’ve steered away from needless complication, shaping a clear, digestible picture of your income and expenses. Upload your receipts via our app, and our real-time tax calculator will update your Self Assessment, to take the pressure off that January deadline.

We provide you with a digital channel to HMRC, and all the necessary tax forms you’ll need to complete. SimpleTax cross-references your data before it’s time to submit, giving you peace of mind that there are no splinters in your Self Assessment tax return.

Whether you’re a veteran carpenter with a complex set of accounts, or a newbie who’s just finding their feet, our tax filing software can helps with tax deductions for tradesmen.

Clever tax deductions for carpenters

Tax deductions for tradesmen are there for the taking. Your equipment, materials, uniform and more can all be eligible for tax breaks. Our software will identify allowable expenses, ensuring that you pay no more than you owe.

So, from now on, leave the boring job to us — no more making sense of receipts at the end of the year, or scrambling for the number of a local accountant! Get your hands on one of the must-have mobile apps for tradesmen and save time, money and hassle when managing your finances.

Did we mention that SimpleTax starts at £15.00 per year, and can save an average of £240 on accountancy fees?
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