What Makes GoSimpleTax Perfect For Ministers Of Religion? Rabbi Yuval Keren Explains

Not all of our clients are workers who earn money outside of PAYE. Rabbi Yuval Keren joined the GoSimpleTax community in January 2018 as HMRC offered him no clear way of submitting a Ministers of Religion form.

When submitting a tax return, if you are a clergyman or a minister of religion you are required to use certain supplementary pages.

“With HMRC, there was no convenient way of submitting the Ministers of Religion form,” explains Yuval.

Yuval found that he could not continue to submit his tax returns via HMRC and began to look for a digital solution. Once he had started to search for an online remedy, he came across GoSimpleTax. He decided to try our 14-day free trial and, upon seeing that we could automate the process for him and how simple the platform is to navigate, he came on board as a happy client.

“I did my tax myself manually through HMRC before and it was a very cumbersome process,” says Yuval. “Before, the tax return was something that I would leave until January – and it would always be a struggle. GoSimpleTax made such a difference; it’s much faster, with none of the hassle.”

“The software also made me realise that I wasn’t claiming for so many of the expenses I was entitled to,” he adds. “I work from home and I wasn’t claiming for things like using my home space, and computer equipment and software. The exact total I saved in that first tax year was £1,280.”

Another of the significant features that accommodates Yuval’s financial situation is GoSimpleTax’s ability to record entries.

“If I do work outside of my current role, it is useful to be able to make notes and keep track of any earnings when it comes to submitting my tax returns.”

However, the benefits of using GoSimpleTax software weren’t strictly limited to cost savings and functionalities – we were also able to provide Yuval with peace of mind.

“The savings meant that we could go away on our summer holiday without taking out a loan or worrying about money.”

If you would like to learn more about why GoSimpleTax is considered the best tax software on the market, and why it is recognised by HMRC, visit our website. Want to claim your 14-day free trial? Sign up today.

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