Three reasons why the taxman is unbearable

For years, UK taxpayers have loathed the actions of the taxman. Ruthless and shady; tax collectors exercise their right to walk into our lives unannounced, put their hands in our pockets and leave without as much…

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Last Updated: 2nd February 2022   |   Created: 27th December 2012

For years, UK taxpayers have loathed the actions of the taxman. Ruthless and shady; tax collectors exercise their right to walk into our lives unannounced, put their hands in our pockets and leave without as much as a thank you. Yes, the taxman has a lot to answer for and these power-hungry opportunists have never been so unpopular, especially with recent revelations of favourable tax dealings with some of the UK’s largest corporations. But why do we hate the taxman so much? Apart from taking a chunk of our hard-earned cash, here are a couple of reasons why the taxman is, at times, unbearable.

Of all months, why choose January?

The taxman couldn’t have chosen a worse time of year to ask for taxpayer’s money. January is, frankly, a miserable time of year, and the last thing we want to be doing is filing our tax return. Christmas hits our bank accounts hard, New Year’s celebrations often spiral out of control, and we’re all dreading another year of work. But then things get even worse, the taxman comes knocking. Mr Taxman, why January? Perhaps if you visited in the summer months, when the sun is shining and the drinks are flowing, we wouldn’t resent you so much?

We’re NOT all in this together, Mr Cameron

Despite David Cameron insisting that ‘we’re all in this together,’ this claim has never been further from the truth. The taxman seems to have a rule for the small guy and another rule for the big guy, particularly when it comes to corporation tax. The latest scandal involving several well-known large corporations, one of them being Starbucks, highlights the lengths these high earners go to in order to avoid tax. Starbucks, despite earning nearly £400m in the UK last year, paid no corporation tax in the UK, and back in 2010, Goldman Sachs were ‘let off’ paying £10 million pounds in tax.  So it seems we’re not all in this together!

Stop picking on the little guys

Whilst ordinary UK taxpayers are endlessly pursued for small amounts of tax, large businesses are given free-reign. We’re not supporting or condoning tax evasion or avoidance from any party, whether big or small, but the taxman does seem to be focus more on soft targets, small businesses and individual taxpayers, as opposed to huge multi-nationals. Yes, it might take a lot of time and money to unravel the ways in which a huge corporation has avoided tax, but the rewards would be huge! Please Mr Taxman stop picking on the little guys.

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