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Before drowning yourself in a sea of sums and numbers, we would like to ask you one question. Do you know the difference between a 345L or a 456P?

If your answer was no, it’s OK. Most of us aren’t that knowledgable about tax codes and millions of people regularly miscalculate their taxes, waving goodbye to their hard-earned money and saying hello to massive over-payments.

Tax calculations are confusing to the best of us. Einstein famously said:

“The hardest thing in the world to understand is the income tax.

If Einstein needed help with his taxes, what chance have ordinary folk got?

Don’t worry, our specialist software can make sense of all that mathsy jargon and figures out your tax liability instantly. Simply sign in, add your income and expense details and our software will do the hard work for you. Also, we’ll provide you with top tax saving tips so you can save even more money.

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