Why SimpleTax Is The Best Software For Self Assessment Tax Returns

Completing your Self Assessment can be a headache unless you have the right technology to hand. Manual submissions are not only confusing; they also risk mistaken calculations and missed allowances, affecting your tax bill and even your relationship with HMRC. To this end, it pays to invest in the best software for Self Assessment tax returns.

Yet to file your Self Assessment tax return? Let us outline what makes SimpleTax a top choice for anyone who needs to file a tax return.

Totting up your real-time obligations


Anyone who dislikes maths doesn’t look forward to the final weeks before the Self Assessment tax return deadline. Too many taxpayers are used to flipping through bank statements, receipts and invoices, trying to piece the accurate state of their income together.

SimpleTax saves time and stress in this regard. Available on any internet-ready device, it can store information regarding your income and expenses in real-time, Click and select what type of income/ expenses you’re recording; it’ll show you your tax bill after each entry hiding any nasty surprises before the Self Assessment deadline.

Errors on your tax return can result in an investigation from HMRC, even if you made it unknowingly. Automatic calculations eliminate the chance of this happening. Our tax return software can even help you identify savings you didn’t know you were eligible for.

All the correct forms in one place

It’s worth noting too that the nature of how to do your Self Assessment tax return is rarely the same for everybody. Many taxpayers are required to complete different forms, which have to be filled out with diligence to ensure HMRC has a complete picture of their earnings.

What people often don’t realise is that HMRC’s online calculator doesn’t make all of these available. On the other hand, the best tax software for Self Assessment tax returns has all of the forms you need to stay compliant.

SimpleTax, for instance, has the SA102M form for Ministers of Religion, the SA105 for UK landlords, and SA109 required by most expats, to name a few. All are linked straight to HMRC for seamless submission.

Have you tried the best software for Self Assessment tax returns yet? SimpleTax is the only place to start; you’ll get constant tips and reminders for looking after your income, which will get more pertinent as Making Tax Digital arrives. Take a free trial of one of our three main packages today, to get prepared for the Self Assessment tax return deadline.

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