Self Assessment Partnership Schedule (SA104)

New Development – Self Assessment Partnership Schedule (SA104) now added to SimpleTax.

We are pleased to announce that as part of our ongoing improvements and developments to SimpleTax we have now added the Partnership Schedule (SA104) to the Self Assessment Tax Return. This schedule is available for the 2014/15 tax year and on-wards.

How to add the Partnership Schedule to your Self Assessment Return:

1. Within SimpleTax simply choose the ‘+ new page’ option and enter your details into the required fields.


Once you have added the new page, enter your details into the fields as per the information contained on your Partnership Statement.


SimpleTax Improvement Plan

And we are striving to make SimpleTax more comprehensive, whilst still easy to use – we are introducing extra schedules and improvements including:

  ·  Adding in the Additional Information schedule (SA101)

  ·  Improving the reports page

  ·  Including Foreign (SA106), Trust (SA107) and the Capital Gains (SA108) schedules

  ·  Improving the set-up process


All updates will be announced via this blog page and our social media channels.


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