Making tax less scary for Jonathan

As the CTO of a fashion start-up, Jeanography, Jonathan is a busy guy.  When it comes to January the last thing on his mind is filing his tax return and the fact that HMRC makes it particularly time consuming and painful doesn’t help.

“HMRC’s online filing system is pretty terrible. The website is horrendous; it’s difficult to put in information, it’s hard to find out what you need to do and there’s no way to find out what payments you’ve made in the past or see any information about your personal tax status.”

When Jonathan heard about SimpleTax his first reaction was that “anything that makes tax simpler and saves me time is a massive winner for me”. Using SimpleTax for the first time, Jonathan managed to file his tax return in an hour, and he was surprised at how easy tax could be.  Jonathan believes that SimpleTax is “probably one of the easiest websites I’ve used in a long time”.

SimpleTax also introduced Jonathan to expenses he didn’t know he could claim:

“There were a few expenses which I wouldn’t normally have put in but because it was so easy and straightforward with SimpleTax explaining exactly what I needed to do, I just added them in and 10 minutes later I had saved a few hundred pounds.”

Jonathan isn’t just using SimpleTax, he’s telling his friends about it too:

“I’ve already recommended it two or three times because I know it can save my friends a lot of money and it means people will understand their tax liability better and it’s less scary and it’s really really easy.

We’ve made Jonathan’s tax season super simple and we can do the same for you too, so why not give us a try?


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