A Look At GoSimple Software From The Inside

Jeremy Greene is the Head of Cloud Accounting at GoSimple, offering expert help and assistance to customers on a day-to-day basis.

Splitting his time between GoSimpleTax and MyGabriel, Jeremy corresponds with users and liaises with the GoSimple development team, discussing the creation of potential new features, fixing any bugs, and shaping training programmes.

Having been involved with GoSimple for the best part of a decade, Jeremy knows the brand’s software inside-out, witnessing first-hand the benefits that GoSimpleTax and GoSimpleBooks promise both individuals and businesses.

“The great thing about GoSimple Software is that the user receives the personal attention they wouldn’t enjoy elsewhere,” explains Jeremy, whose background in accounting means he’s experienced his fair share of tax software over the years.

“GoSimpleTax is one of the easiest tax tools to use, giving users increased contact with experts so they can complete their tax returns quickly and accurately. Overall, it’s a really friendly and personal product in a market that’s dominated by corporations.

“Mygabriel on the other hand, offers similar time-saving advantages. As a customised version of GoSimpleBooks, this software is aimed at IFAs, generating comprehensive reports for them in a matter of minutes. Ordinarily, the data included in these reports can take days or even weeks to prepare – so it’s very valuable.”

The fact that Jeremy uses GoSimple to submit his own tax returns speaks volumes – but what is it that he loves about the software?

“Whether you’re submitting simple or complex returns, GoSimpleTax’s scalability means the software is always up to the task,” he says.

“It was one of the first pieces of tech to offer this personal, adaptable type of service, and whilst the market has become more competitive in recent years, it’s still the best option out there.”

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