How To Get Into Bookkeeping

Good with numbers? Got a knack for admin? Know your way around finance? Your perfect career might just be in bookkeeping. Even though we now have advanced software doing the complex calculations for us, businesses still need bookkeepers to keep everything in check. However, it’s not a profession that you can simply walk into, even if you are adept at making the numbers add up. Before you can make bookkeeping your full-time occupation, you’ll need to earn your stripes. Here’s how to get into bookkeeping.

Becoming qualified in bookkeeping

Most businesses will want to see that you’ve got the necessary credentials to be a bookkeeper: chiefly the AAT Professional Qualification.

Their course provides all the necessary information you need to be aware of when it comes to bookkeeping principles and practices. There may be an option to study whilst you work in a relevant role, learning on the job as well as in the classroom.

If you’re looking at a part-time bookkeeping position for a smaller company, it may be worth considering the condensed AAT qualification – a truncated course that focuses purely on the core modules.

Understanding your duties

Before you begin your training, it’s worth getting to grips with the types of tasks you’ll be performing as a bookkeeper. These include:

  • Preparing and sending invoices
  • Recording and paying bills
  • Updating payroll
  • Maintaining healthy cash flow
  • Communicating with debtors
  • Completing and submitting tax forms to HMRC
  • Checking and organising financial statements
  • Verifying transactions
  • Calculating profit and loss
  • Managing ledgers
  • Balancing the books
  • Using tax return software

The more knowledge you have of the above, the better placed you’ll be to begin a career in bookkeeping. When enquiring about a vacant position, it may be worth asking the recruiter what they expect from the role. This will help you to prepare accordingly and acquire the necessary techniques to get off on the right foot.

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