February Update – Tax Return Deadline Passes

It’s February – and the deadline for submitting 2014/15 Tax Returns has passed.

The last 6 months of investment in new development and support resources has proven to be a winner. Submissions of Tax Returns have increased by 50% compared to 2013/14 and 94% of support tickets were resolved within 50 minutes on average and great customer feedback.

It’s now onto 2015/16 tax year and the software will be updated in April with the relevant calculations. Over the next couple of months, we will be developing SimpleTax even further. Some of the planned development work includes:

  • An even quicker and easier SimpleTax with pre-population of tax returns with P60 information, class 1 & 2 National Insurance and the transfer of the married couples allowance.
  • Capital Gains Tax SA108.
  • Partnership schedules SA104S and SA104F.
  • Foreign Income schedule SA106; and
  • SA101 additional information.

Follow our blog for regular updates on the progress of our new development.

New costs for SimpleTax

As of the 1st February SimpleTax will be increasing in cost to £10 for the 14/15 tax return.

Did you know that – 

25% of all SimpleTax submissions were processed over the weekend (29th Jan – 31st Jan).
Nearly 1/2 of these were submitted on the 31st January and 30% of Sunday’s submissions came within the last three hours of the day – leaving it right up to the last minute!

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