All about HMRC self assessment

Do you know how to file a self assessment tax return? Or even what the HMRC self assessment is? The truth is, most UK taxpayers don’t know. For years, HMRC have bombarded us with confusing letters and lengthy tax documents. It’s time for someone to take a stand. That’s why GoSimpleTax is here to make things simple and we’ll start by explaining a few of the basics:

What is an HMRC self assessment?

Well, to put it simply, self assessment involves completing an annual tax return. In order to do so, you must have up-to-date income records for that year so you can claim allowances and reliefs on your return. It’s as simple as that.

How can you file your self assessment to HMRC?

As a business owner, you will require what is known as a ‘UTR’, for instance when filling in your tax return, when going into partnership with other companies or working on joint business projects.

UTR stands for your Unique Taxpayer Reference. It has 10 digits and can only be provided by HMRC upon registration for Self-Assessment. You need to register as soon as you start working for yourself.

In the past, filing your self assessment required lengthy engagements with HMRC and hours of online research. Thankfully, we at SimpleTax have come up with a stress-free online alternative that can save you time and money.

GoSimpleTax is recognised by HMRC and is the only software you will ever need to complete your self assessment. Designed with the regular user in mind, GoSimpleTax is user-friendly and easy to understand; say goodbye to cryptic HMRC letters and hello to simplicity and tax savings!

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