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It’s never too early to start managing your personal and business finances and SimpleTax has released the 2013-2014 tax year for existing and new clients. Once registered, which takes only a few minutes, SimpleTax users will be notified of important tax deadlines throughout the year. For existing users, financial information from the previous tax years is imported and readily available as a baseline for the 2013-2014 tax year.

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The easy to use online tax assessment solution allows users to better understand their taxes and discover deductible items applicable to their financial situation, including those specific to freelancers, sole traders and small business owners. And there’s nothing to download!

Free, Safe, Secure and Recognised
SimpleTax is fully recognised by HMRC and was used by UK tax payers to save on average £2,000 on their 2011-2012 tax return. Safe, secure and protected by 256-bit secure connections, SimpleTax costs nothing and runs completely in the cloud, meaning there is no software to install. SimpleTax uses everyday language and there is no need to decipher complicated tax codes. The math is done for you so whenever you change anything within SimpleTax, the software automatically updates all the calculations, reducing errors.

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If you are not a current SimpleTax user, sign-up for your free account and easily enter your financial information including deductions and investment dividends as the months roll by versus crunching the numbers at the end of the year when there are a lot of other distractions. Get the most out of your bottom line with SimpleTax today and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ for the latest and greatest tax saving tips!


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We understand paying hundreds of pounds for filing a tax return is an unwelcome expense. Now you can get your taxes done right without the cost. The way it should be.


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