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A beautiful choice of Self Assessment software

It’s hard enough making a living from your creative lifestyle. So you don’t want to be dragged down by the Self Assessment tax return. We want you to concentrate on the pictures in your head, not the black and white demands of your finances.

By investing in SimpleTax, you’ll get the best professional tax software on the market. It’s like an art form in itself, actually — a fluid platform that secures all of your expenses as they build up.

We’ve primed our digital tool for your skillset: whatever your niche, we have the self-employed artist tax solution for you. Don’t let the taxman take a greater sum than you deserve; SimpleTax does the heavy lifting, so you can get back to that sketchpad!

Self employed artist tax made simple

Tax is something that many creatives don’t consider, especially when their earnings have sprung from a hobby or second job. But when the Self Assessment deadline rolls around, HMRC will require a full portrait of your income and business expenses.

With SimpleTax at your beck and call, you can spend less time crunching numbers, and more time creating masterpieces. Just photograph every receipt you get via our app, and mix it into your real-time tax calculator.

So don’t waste your precious time poring over paperwork, or spend your hard-earned cash consulting an accountant. Our easy-to-use tax filing software allows you to submit your Self Assessment direct to HMRC! It really is that simple…

Do artists pay tax in the UK?

If you’re selling your work, then you’ll need to pay tax on your income, and claim relief on necessary investments. It’s measured by the same standards as any other industry.

SimpleTax takes a holistic view of your accounts, suggesting where you might have overlooked an allowable expense. It also enables averaging for creators of literary or artistic works, whereby your tax band — dictated by your earnings — switches in a two-year period.

Self-employed artist tax breaks can include:

  • Materials such as paints, canvas and clay
  • Technical and entrepreneurial training courses
  • Artist studio tax deduction
  • Phone and computer usage
  • Necessary travel costs
  • A host of other factors…

We make tax as easy as paint-by-numbers.

Purchase our software from just £12.50, and save an average of £240 on accountancy fees. Check out our price plans HERE, or start your 14-day free trial…

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